Putting the podcast on hold

As you probably have seen, it has been awhile since I have published a podcast episode. This has been because of a life change making it harder to commit and get the content out at a consistent bases. I do apologize for all the people that loved it. I am Continue Reading

The Tyler Tech Show

I am excited to announce the name of my new podcast “The Tyler Tech Show”. The Tyler Tech Show is a weekly podcast that will go over the past weeks hottest topics in Tech. It is now live on iTunes! If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me Continue Reading

Podcast coming soon!

I am excited to announce that I am working on starting a podcast! It will be available to subscribe to on iTunes. The subject will be tech related. Every week I and most likely a guest (just about every week) will talk about the latest tech news from the past Continue Reading

The move from Lincoln to the Big O

In June of 2018, I got an awesome job offer from Flywheel. I have been a customer for about 2 years now and always thought about being a Flywheeler (employee). Once I graduated with my degree in Computer Information Technology, I started to job shop to see where I can Continue Reading